Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Lebanese stalker ( doubt about it, ur father should have pulled earlier )

Some dayz ago, i was chatting on Blendr with a guy from Beirut. Everything was we skyped. The guy was acting normal, trying to be when he asked me for my cell number...i was like..."hey, take it". Next day he skyped me again. So we were talking, and he goes: "how much money do u want to come in Beirut to see me". i called him a douchebag...he didnt get it i called him an asshole, clicking on terminating the call. Of course i blocked him.!!! but guess what he start smsing me on my cell....monologue style. Check the pics of my mgs....i m not even answering...and the guy keeps on going.... These r the guyz yo momma warn u about... U can check it also under obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Enjoy!

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